Our commitment is to offer people actionable access to achieving breakthrough results in the areas that are important to the performance, evolution and profitability of their business, brands and people. With a focus on transformation and peak performance, we combine creativity, science and business savvy to everything we do.

At Pilot, we relate to ourselves as specialists in human interactions. Our services connect with, address, and make possible a new level of effectiveness, accomplishment and pride for businesses and individuals who are committed to generating breakthrough results, whether the business is small owner operated to large multi-national corporate organisations looking for fresh approaches.

We approach performance challenges, by creating new ways of thinking at the intersection of design, culture and business - it’s a thrilling combo of neurological connections. Our portfolio of works elucidates the fundamentals and the philosophy of Pilot’s Peak Performance methodologies - a compass for measured approaches to empower success and enable breakthrough results.

Our team at Pilot truly believe business is an important motivator – it gets us into the engine room of human progress. Ideas fuel that engine - always have - from the industrial to the information revolution; from the wheel to the silicon chip. Ideas have always been the true currency of success. Everyone has them... Pilot unleashes them.


Are you ready to fly?


Please contact Wendy Folau +64 27 2019240 or wendy.pilot@xtra.co.nz for a conversation.



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